Franchi launches revolutionary anti-bacterial coating

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As the world slowly emerges from lockdown, many people involved in the procurement of products for buildings are looking for solutions that actively help in the fight against bacteria and infection. In response to this Franchi have launched a revolutionary anti-bacterial coating that agressivey kills these pathogens and helps reduce the risk of developing illnesses.

Franchi's Safetouch is a special photocatalytic antibacterial coating, that actively kills any bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with. It differs from other antibacterial coatings as it doesn’t use paints of lacquers impregnated with antibacterial agents, instead Safetouch utilises nano-particles of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) which have photocatalytic properties to kill viruses and Bacteria.

Please contact Franchi's Specifications division for further information on how Safetouch and our other solutions can assist in reducing the risk of contracting viruses as we pass through buildings.

01689 387900

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