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Bespoke ironmongery has become much more commonplace in recent years, as Designers discover that specially manufactured items are now more cost effective, easier to design and quicker to develop than they had anticipated. It would be true to say that many of the projects we deliver now have at least one element of bespoke ironmongery on them.
Franchi have developed flexible processes to aid in the manufacture of Bespoke ironmongery, from initial advice on design, through to prototyping and onto production. Our detailed knowledge of manufacturing techniques, materials and our experience with special finishes is why Franchi is now the preferred partner for designers and architects wishing to develop bespoke ironmongery to complement their projects.

Concept and design

Our specification and design team work alongside designers to help turn ideas into manufacturable products and ranges. Whether it’s developing a concept from scratch or running with an established proposal, our team can progress this through to production.


Many bespoke projects require the creation of prototypes to prove a design and ensure the look and feel matches the design intent. With a combination of 3d printing, model making and fully finished prototypes, our prototyping enables us to do this before we go into manufacture.

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With decades of experience in manufacturing bespoke products in a multitude of materials and finishes, our processes have been honed to the production of quality products. regardless of the quantities involved.
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